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For prospective clients with over $300,000 in investable assets, we welcome the opportunity to be your financial planning and investment management partner.

As planners, we create a comprehensive financial plan to include retirement income planning, inheritances, debt, charitable intent, education funding, insurance, real estate and any other unique circumstance. We sell no products and offer our services on a fee-only basis. We act in a fiduciary capacity, meaning that we put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. Our services are customized as we provide personalized financial plans to clients. Our specialty areas include life events that change your financial situation, such as: inheritances, divorce, executive compensation, retirement, job changes, and business and real estate sales.

As investors, we believe that investing in individual securities (stocks and bonds) is the most reliable path to building wealth. Along the way, it is easy to get distracted by fads, headlines, excessive optimism or gloom, and a variety of other sideshows. Our core investing values are diversification, tax-efficiency, low turnover, transparency and consistency.

True investing is achieved through owning individual securities. Mutual funds, hedge funds, and other complex investment vehicles often have excessive turnover, tax inefficiency, limited transparency, and hefty fees. While these broadly diversified funds may be the tools of choice for most sales-oriented financial advisors, they represent the antithesis of true investing. By investing in securities that are transparent, you will avoid poorly timed and panicked decisions.

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Our investment approach is transparent, low cost, and independent.

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